Directory of Educational Institutions


The Directory of Person-Centered Educational Institutions aims to promote and disseminate information about person-centered programs, courses, faculty and institutes from around the world.

If you are interested in programs and courses in the United States or Canada, you may visit the section on North American Institutions

If you belong to a person-centered institution from another part of the world and would like to join the future directory sections, please read the information below. ADPCA welcomes institutions and faculty members who identify themselves with the presented details. The participation in the Directory is free of charge.

Purpose and characteristics of the Directory of Person-Centered Educational Institutions*

*Some parts of this text have been adapted from Howard Kirschenbaum's introduction in North American Institutions.

  The directory is intended to:

  • Help inform professionals, students and potential students from diverse educational and practical backgrounds who are searching for person-centered university programs, diplomas and training courses;
  • Facilitate networking among professionals and students who may benefit from knowing and communicating with person-centered colleagues across the world;
  • Demonstrate to professionals and students beyond the person-centered communities the vitality of the person-centered approach. 

The listings may be associated with:

  • Person-centered university, college and learning programs, diploma and certificate courses and institutes or other organizations;
  • Faculty members who practice or teach exclusively client-centered and/or the person-centered approach;
  • Faculty members who practice or teach other disciplines or integrative or eclectic approaches that may not be exclusively client-centred and/or person-centered in the traditional sense but which have a strong component of traditional person-centered principles and practices. The listing provides the opportunity for individuals to explain briefly what “other” means to them.

The listing categories are divided into:

  • University and College Person-Centered Programs
  • University and College Person-Centered Courses
  • Person-Centered Faculty Members
  • Person-Centered Institutes and Organizations

For further details about each of the categories, check the Submission Forms in Joining the Directory.

  Language display

For practical reasons and for the information to be accessible to a larger number of viewers, the directory listings will be displayed in English. However, if you need any help with filling in the Submission Form, do not hesitate to contact Tiane Graziottin at We will gladly assist you.

Joining the Directory

The Directory of Person-Centered Educational Institutions is a work in progress. The section for Canada and the United States is already available and if you wish to join its listings, you will find more details by visiting North American Institutions. To participate in the future sections, click below on the region that applies to where you live and upload the Submission Form. Alternatively, you may contact Tiane Graziottin at for further information.