Corrections. Human science and the person-centered approach: An inquiry into the inner process of significant change within individuals


Robert Barth


The following materials are corrections from the last issue by the publisher.

These corrections consist of the identification and correction of several pages from the Barth & Sanford article,

Human Science and the Person-Centered Approach: An Inquiry into the Inner Process of Significant Change within Individuals. The printing skipped several pages of the final diskette copy and incorrect insertions of those pages may have distracted from the meaning and clarity of the article. Readers will be able to substitute these corrections in the original article.

John K. Wood's article, The Person-Centered Approach's Greatest Weakness: Not Using its Strength, is repeated in its entirety. One page was left out and other pages substituted during the printing. This resulted in considerable confusion to some readers.

Several other articles also had their content distracted from when quotes were not indented and several other format problems occurred.

The editors and publisher apologize for these problems. Final galley proofing by authors and closer attention to the technology should eliminate such errors in the future.