Transcript of therapy session by Douglas Bower


Douglas Bower


It is our intention to include a demonstration transcript each issue. The transcript for this
issue is provided by Doug Bower who has available several sessions of dffirent therapists and
clients. Doug explains this in his introduction. The client and therapist gave permission to
publish the transcript anonymously. They offer brief comments on the session. JDB

The research project from which this transcript was taken was part of the requirements for a
degree in pastoral counseling. I wanted to know what client-centered therapy looked like ard to
develop a sense of what it meant to do therapy.

The purpose of the study was to accomplish the following subjective goals for myself: I ) To
better understand the person-centered theory of Carl Rogers; 2) To be able to articulate my
understanding of the theory; 3) To begin to develop expertise in the utilization of the person-centered
approach; and 4) To be able to draw implications from the person- centered theory for the
ministry of pastoral counseling.

Those therapists who were asked to participate had associated with Rogers, regarded themselves
as being person- centered practitioners, and were recognized by others as advocates of the
person-centered approach.

We asked: 1) for a tape of a session which the therapist viewed as typical of his or her work;
2) for the therapist to complete a brief questionnaire; 3) that the client also fill out a brief
questionnaire; and 4) that the client complete an abridged form of the Barrett Lennard Relationship

Six tapes were received with the accompanying materials. That material was written up and
the verbatim therapy transcript in this paper came from that study.